My first dedicated goal this year is reached. It took quite some perspiration and hard work but it was well worth the efforts. It was also a great test. Now, there are a few other areas where I’d like to improve and focus more in the coming year. While there are always more factors to consider when doing business in your second language compared to training, I’m now very focused to reach my own highly set goals. 2013 is soon over and here are some of my challenges and focus areas for the future:

-Stay even more organized.
-Get to know my customers and their challenges even better.
-Limit the number of hats (find what to outsource/not do)
-Follow up constantly (prospects, customers, alliances etc)
-Change the workspace for success (plan/productivity etc)
-Improve negotiation skills.
-Sell more benefits of the products/services
-Create some new competitive advantages (be unique/different)
-Build a top-notch team (add more new talents)
-Sort, categorize and reply to emails quicker.
-Remember it’s all about the customer (nothing else)!
-Ask for the sale more! (Example to improve: SEO School)
-Planning every aspect + follow up.
-Strict daily focus. Complete 10 defined goals a day!
-Learn some new skills every week, while keeping fit!

I read an interesting article at which served as inspiration for this post – and for my coming year.

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