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new casinos
My latest affiliate projects involve search engine marketing of casino websites. I’ve done a quite some already and quite a few of the new sites are in Swedish. Why? The market is easier to target, quicker to get into and it’s my native language. That’s some of the reasons why I start in Sweden. The site is called NyaCasino, which means new casino. Every year, at least 20 new casinos are launched in Europe and the market is growing quickly.

But my casino marketing doesn’t end in Sweden. Other new markets include Neue Casinos in Germany and NyeCasino in Denmark. If other markets will be on the list later on remains in the plans. Lets see what this develops into.. In either case, I really enjoy doing reviews of new casinos in Europe. There are so many and for the best ones – I would recommend anyone to play. For the worst ones – I would warn everyone to avoid them. That’s why we do in-depth reviews where everything is covered. From where the new casino was founded, their main advantages, disadvantages and screnshots of great games. We also cover software developers and discuss mobile gambling and tablet casinos. The competition in casino marketing is huge and we don’t expect this to be easy. Follow my journey and discover how it goes.. Wanna be me? Contact me and we can probably work together in some way..

During this autumn I decided to start with affiliate marketing full time instead. I got tired of doing SEO for clients that are not willing to do enough changes. It was also frustrating to be restricted by certain budgets and time scales. Now, I can do everything my way – and starting to like it.

Highly competetive segments

The choice fell on some highly competetive segments where you need to be unique and most affiliates aren’t. I’m going in to shake up some industries and spend all my time and efforts on making it a success. Follow my journey here, on Affiliate Specialist, on Twitter and other channels.

British Museum in London

Some wise and thoughtful words by Arnold Schwarzenegger..

1. Trust yourself

2. Break some rules

3. Don’t be afraid to fail

4. Ignore the naysayers

5. Work your butt off

6. Always give something back

Please find his videoabout this topic below:

While waiting for a few new lenses, I’ve been reading up on a few notes taken from the SWPP convention 2014. My goal this year is to improve my skills in photography and practice extensively with my new Leica lenses, creating that beautiful oil painting effect.

Here is what they said about photographic composition:

1. Simplify the scene: Move in close. Use silhouettes and shapes. Place your subject where you are drawn to it.
2. Filling the frame: What drawn you in the first place? Fill the frame to make the image larger OR go closer. The viewer is lead up the steps with their eyes.
3. Difference in perspective: Try using wide angel, fish eye etc. Make it more dynamic. Do a project. Think out of the box. Move (Up high, down, move around).
4. Leading lines: Makes it easier for the viewer. Lines will lead you on a journey around the frame. Can create a converging effect pulling in and leading straight to the point of focus.
5. Use diagonals: Some examples include steps, stairs etc. Gives a sense of movement or force. Move angels to tilt to strengthen diagonals. Wide angel lenses creates it automatically.
6. Shapes: See shapes within shapes. Squares? Circles? Triangles? Two dimensional element to the picture. Shapes makes the viewer identify the object differently. With shapes you can achieve greater emphasis. Shade adds emotional content and lead in by the eye. Try tungsten blue effect.
7. Backgrounds: Wide aperture and tele zoom. Elements such as woods make backgrounds interesting. Do I need to remove the background? Is it part of the story?
8. Creative colours: Bright primary colours really attract the eye. (example: blur and yellow are known as complimentary colours producing vivid elements). Use of single hue can be effective. Framing is important.
9. Avoiding the middle: Rule of thirds. It is boring with people in the middle.
10. Breaking the rules: Pass on a specific message. Learn and understand composition and break the rules on purpose. Make a statement like a visual language.

In order to move forward it’s always great to study some prominent photographers. Here are a few examples:

Masters of compositions

In order to become a better photographer, I’m planning to study a few a handful of interesting photographers. A few examples of great photographers seen as masters of composition include Margrethe Mather (triangle belly), Margaret Bourke White, Henri Cartier Bresson, Andre Kertesz and Chema Madoz. Some more modern masters of composition include Scott Kelby, Tim Flach (animals), Tim Walker (blue hue), Gordon McGowan and Sam Vasani (both do weddings) and Miss Aniela (surreal fashion).

Analyse pictures you like

Why do they work? Is it a common theme? Note why they work! Pre visit location and visit the best viewpoints before a shoot. Find out the optimal time of day for lighting. Look out for interesting features such as shape, colour etc. Visit art galleries to get inspiration.

My first dedicated goal this year is reached. It took quite some perspiration and hard work but it was well worth the efforts. It was also a great test. Now, there are a few other areas where I’d like to improve and focus more in the coming year. While there are always more factors to consider when doing business in your second language compared to training, I’m now very focused to reach my own highly set goals. 2013 is soon over and here are some of my challenges and focus areas for the future:

-Stay even more organized.
-Get to know my customers and their challenges even better.
-Limit the number of hats (find what to outsource/not do)
-Follow up constantly (prospects, customers, alliances etc)
-Change the workspace for success (plan/productivity etc)
-Improve negotiation skills.
-Sell more benefits of the products/services
-Create some new competitive advantages (be unique/different)
-Build a top-notch team (add more new talents)
-Sort, categorize and reply to emails quicker.
-Remember it’s all about the customer (nothing else)!
-Ask for the sale more! (Example to improve: SEO School)
-Planning every aspect + follow up.
-Strict daily focus. Complete 10 defined goals a day!
-Learn some new skills every week, while keeping fit!

I read an interesting article at which served as inspiration for this post – and for my coming year.

asian man looking in the mirror

According to a close friend and business partner, I MUST BE the one in the world having most websites about myself. Not top 5 or top 10. Surely, Markus Jalmerot (MJ) must be the one in the entire world with most websites focusing on his own interests, passions, travel experience and business interests, says my friend. I even got websites in other languages about Markus (yeah, that’s me in Swedish). Sometimes other people set-up profiles about me with misleading photos; but what can I do about inactive profiles? I just don’t bother.. Instead, I built a few new websites about myself.. :)

But honestly, having many websites featuring myself is nothing I’m proud of and it’s certainly not a goal in itself. I never seen it in that way at least. For me as a domain owner having a few 100 domains, it’s about developing them into useful websites. Some sites might not be so impressive yet, but they are developing over time.

Parked websites and dead websites are a disgrace for me and I’m always working hard to get new domains active as quick as possible.

Since I always loved myself (perhaps a little too much, if you now can do that?) and since I also got many hobbies, a few causes I fight for, it has been a natural way to develop those domains into sites. Since I’m passionate about photography – there are always good reasons to create a bunch of social profiles such as Pinterest, 500px, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Vizify, Vimeo and DeviantArt – just to name a few.

Reputation management
Having many websites about yourself is a way to protect your own name online. We all know that people Google Your Name when going for interviews, possibly before meeting you for the first time, before doing business with you etc. By having the most websites in the world about myself, I can at least to some degree select what people see about me :) I you would like to be found online for your own name, I see no other option than creating sites and profiles about yourself. Otherwise, the information visible about you is solely what others write about you – in a good or bad way.

Quite a few domains
Another reason might be that I have quite a few short .ME.UK domains – and since their are supposed to be personal rather than commercial, many of the sites tend to be – yes you guessed it – about me and/or my interests. In the end, I’ve not even tried to count all the websites I have about myself and social profiles but it might be over 50 or even near 100… Is it way too many? Can it ever be too many? Perhaps some might argue that. But I don’t care.. I’m always doing it my way. for a day. I challenge you to create a website about yourself today..

Stockholm IceBar

Stockholm is one of my favourite cities in the world. The Swedish capital has this great mix of city life and relaxing country life that few other cities can match. You’re always near the water and have access to 1000′s of islands in Stockholm archipelago. This time, I had to opportunity to visit IceBar which is a unique concept as you can see above. Everything in the bar is made out of water from Torne River in north of Sweden.