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new casinos
My latest affiliate projects involve search engine marketing of casino websites. I’ve done a quite some already and quite a few of the new sites are in Swedish. Why? The market is easier to target, quicker to get into and it’s my native language. That’s some of the reasons why I start in Sweden. The site is called NyaCasino, which means new casino. Every year, at least 20 new casinos are launched in Europe and the market is growing quickly.

But my casino marketing doesn’t end in Sweden. Other new markets include Neue Casinos in Germany and NyeCasino in Denmark. If other markets will be on the list later on remains in the plans. Lets see what this develops into.. In either case, I really enjoy doing reviews of new casinos in Europe. There are so many and for the best ones – I would recommend anyone to play. For the worst ones – I would warn everyone to avoid them. That’s why we do in-depth reviews where everything is covered. From where the new casino was founded, their main advantages, disadvantages and screnshots of great games. We also cover software developers and discuss mobile gambling and tablet casinos. The competition in casino marketing is huge and we don’t expect this to be easy. Follow my journey and discover how it goes.. Wanna be me? Contact me and we can probably work together in some way..